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Flu prevention and/or cold prevention tips/advice COPD/asthma/ asthmatic before they start. Get a free 165 pages how to prevent cold vs. prevent flu E-book manual/guide.

Five out of six people get COPD due to smoking

COPD/Asthma vs. Cold Prevention and Flu Prevention Tips/Advice

COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in the USA. Which means people with this problem will have trouble in a bad flu outbreak.  Flu and cold causes COPD to get worse.  The swine flu has strains that go straight to the lungs. This makes this germ more unsafe/deadly for people with COPD/asthma/ asthmatics. In a normal year 120,000 die from COPD or it causes the problem to get worse. The swine flu will surely up the numbers of those who will die.

People with COPD find it hard to breathe. About half of those with this serious lung problem do not know they have it. This creates a big problem during a bad flu season. Many people will not have good flu prevention or/and cold prevention habits. This could make them good targets for severe/deadly flu problems.

If you have the flu, with breathing problems you should call your GP ASAP. Breathing problems are a good sign of serious flu infection. Or you do not have the flu but find it hard to breathe all the time. Call your GP and ask about a test to see if you have COPD. The swine flu has killed many in a short time. The signs below will help you decide if you have COPD.

1. Do you have an endless cough?
2.   Do you wheeze?  
3.   Do you find it hard to catch your breath when doing things you have done in the past?
4.   Do you have a surplus of phlegm?
5.   If you do, call your GP ASAP and ask for a COPD test

You do not want COPD to get worse. Some ads on TV/elsewhere claim that they have a cure for the cold or flu. But, science has not yet found it. There are drugs that can reduce how bad the flu gets. Tamiflu is a drug that can make the flu milder. The key is doctors must use it within 48 hours. Or it may not work. Also, there are drugs that reduce symptoms of a cold. They include Ibuprofen /others. So, it is vital that high-risk people with COPD/asthma prevent a flu/cold. It could mean your lives during a bad flu outbreak. 

If you have COPD/asthma/asthmatic, you are at-risk of major flu related problems. Most people will have a mild response to catching the flu. However many people especially those with COPD/asthma could have a tough time. Expert’s report, that 30 to 40% of those who were in the hospital in 2009/2010 for swine flu had COPD/asthma. Click here for more details. The normal flu infects your nose/throat/sinuses. The swine flu now has strains that go straight to the lungs. This can cause the germ to be more deadly. That is because the lungs are a vital organ.

This puts anyone with breathing issues at near the top of the list. People with the flu/asthma/COPD could have more severe/deadly problems. If you are part of one high-risk group like young children/pregnant women/obese/heart disease and more coupled with COPD/asthmatic you are even more at-risk.

Here are some tips/advice you can use for flu prevention and/or cold prevention:
1. Get your flu shot ASAP. Most times, you should get your shot sooner. But, get it now due to the flu season starting late.
2. Learn the details about preventing flu or preventing cold. I have a free 165 + e-book manual/guide that will help you learn how to prevent the flu/cold. It is interactive/multimedia and is quick/easy to learn.
3. Practice good hygiene habits daily. You must follow many new detailed changes in your habits to prevent cold/flu.
4. Stay away from crowds. Close contact with other people cause a problem. You need to keep sick people at least five feet from you. If a sick person sneezes in your face, you could catch the germ. You would have no choice but to breathe large flu droplets.
5. I suggest that you look at your daily habits. Which ones put you at-risk? Do you normally sit across from someone? Do you take public transportation? When do you go to the store? You need to answer these questions/many more.
6. Do you wear safety gear? These items can help in cold prevention and/or flu prevention before it starts
7. Do you know how to remove safety gear safely? You can catch the cold/flu while removing your gear.
8. Do not overdue it, but workout daily.
9. Practice makes perfect. Or perfect practice makes perfect. You must study what you need to do daily or your new habits will not come to be. World-class athletes, musicians, entertainers, etc. need to know their craft. If they do not they will fail, period.
I think that you should wear a small utility bag to carry safety gear. This bag would need at least six pockets to hold your safety gear. This would prevent cross corruption of things you need to carry. It would make it easy to carry the things you need. If you do not make it easy to change your hygiene habits, it will take you much longer to change. For example, let us say you are in a public restroom. There are no hand towels to turn the water off with/open the door. By the way, you should not touch any handles in the restroom. Surely, the germ would be all over them.

How bad do you need to prevent flu and/or cold? You can virtually be sure not to catch the flu. Do you need to work? Can you go into self-isolation? In the 1918 flu pandemic, some schools that had strict quarantines did not have anyone catch the flu.

If the flu were intense, it would be a good idea for you to stay at home. But, you would have to protect yourself from the other people who are in the public and live with you. You can do this with a negative pressure room. The details to this solution are in the flu prevention and/or cold prevention manual/guide. This interactive/ multimedia e-book manual will help you learn quick and easy how to prevent the flu.

If the flu is so bad, that leaders restrict public social gathering. Then it would be a good idea for all to stay at home. There are key details that you would need to cover in either case. Those details are in the guide/manual.

If you do catch the germ, doctors must use antiviral drugs within 48 hours!
Time is of the essence. This is extremely important. Many people all over the word think a cold is the flu or the flu is a cold. People die due to this mistake. The swine flu can kill you within 36 hours from the time you catch it. GP’s must start drugs within 2 days. If not they may not work. There are reports that the swine flu is no longer the same as it was last year. Click here for more details.

Meaning the flu shot/our antiviral drugs are less potent against some strains. I have a flu vs. cold test that you can take on line to help you decide if you have the cold or the flu. Click here to take that test to see if you have the cold vs. flu.

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